BE 100%

Be 100%

Last week on the BE Series Podcast we released my 50th episode called BE 100%, where I interviewed one of my team members at our Paul Mitchell The School in Fort Myers, Steven Birkenhauer. 

One of the areas of constant coaching I do (not only with our teams, but with salons we coach) is when team members want to be paid top-dollar in their companies. There is NOTHING more satisfying to me than to pay people beyond their expectations, but I can only give away what we have! All businesses need to hit a certain profit/loss percentage. The more profit, the more they can pay out. It truly is that simple.

Steven is one of the few team members I’ve ever had who didn’t demand a certain salary. He point-blank said to me, “pay me what you are able to, and I’ll earn my raises.” Steven certainly has done that over the years, but only because he goes above and beyond his job description.

Coaching our team members is largely about this one thing: finding ways to motivate and inspire our team to follow their job description. If every person mastered their job description the profit goals would be reached, giving us the ability to pay out more. There is no skirting around it! 

If you listen to Stevens interview you’ll not only hear about giving 100%, but also how he overcame personal challenges in his journey and much more.

I’d love to hear how my podcasts and blogs inspire you each week. Tell me whether my emails, podcasts, or books help you the most!

Also let me know who should I interview next. Who do you know in your life who has undergone a personal growth transformation? Email and let me know!

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