BE a Butterfly

My latest podcast interview on The BE Series Podcast is with Mfon Ekpo: BE a Butterfly!

A big point we talk on is learning how to think. I love this lesson because this is something that has been part of my daily habits this past year.  As you know, I choose a word every ear. My word this year is NEW.

New day.
New mindset.
New focus.
New intentions.
New results.

Mfon says in the interview, “when your thinking stops your life stops.“

I know that in order to gain clarity for your life, first you have to learn how to think. Be careful not have people think for you and learn how to think for yourself. 

One of the things I’ve been trying to do a lot more of is when I’m going through an adversity or a challenge is to pray about it before I speak about it to others… even to my family.  I have to be careful about speaking about situations because they’re only hearing the one side of the story. Mine. And that’s not good for any of us! 

How about you? Do you run to your spouse? Your significant other? Your best friend? Your parents? At the first sign of adversity? Be careful! Stop. Pray. Think. Gain your own clarity first. Remember the answer is often within. Sometimes God hides his voice inside other people, but He wants you to hear him for yourself!

It’s great to talk to your inner circle, but make sure that they are a butterfly!  What do we mean by that? Listen to the interview. 

This week, as Mfon says, you will “hit a pothole.” Trust me you will. In fact, soon after she said that I literally hit a big one and I thought I had a flat tire! When issues happen, stop, pray, and journal. Ask God for clarity.  Sit on it until you know for certain that you need to strategize with higher minded thinkers.  Don’t reach out to someone that is going to sympathize with you or automatically be on your side.

I’d love to hear how it goes!

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