BE a Coach

My latest episode from the BE Series Podcast is with Mary Burlingame, who embodies what it means to be a great coach. In fact, she was my very first business coach! Learning how to be a coach is what I believe to be one of the most important attributes of a leader.

Mary explains the steps to be a great coach to every person in your life.  The most important part of being a leader and coach is to make the person you’re talking to feel like they are the most important person in your life in that moment. The power of five intentional minutes can change a life!

Here’s what I learned from this episode:

1. Connect. We must find a way to connect and build a relationship with our staff, friends, and families. Make them feel safe with you.
2. Discover. Ask a LOT of questions. Help people find their OWN solutions.
3. Create. Together, decide on the best plan of action.
4. Commit. Committo follow up and help support them in their efforts.

As I was reminded of this incredible coaching model, I realized my follow up has been lacking. That is what I’m going to personally be working on! How about you? As you think about your strengths and weaknesses in coaching what is it that you need to focus on?

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