BE a Connector

My latest podcast interview with Aaron Hulett on the BE Series Podcast is packed with so much wisdom.  Check it out!

Aaron teaches about his superpower (we all have one!) which is being a connector of people. He teaches you practical steps to connect, and together we unlock some untold stories of transformation in Aaron’s life. 

Do you know what the greatest commandment in the Bible is? It’s to love God and love people. In a nutshell, this means being connected to God first and then being connected to others. I believe we weren’t created to do life alone, and with the onslaught of social media we’ve never been more alone and isolated despite online activity. In order for us to live our best lives we need people around us not only lifting us higher, but people beside us serving with us.

The greatest way to learn how to BE a connector is to be physically and spiritually fit, which have been my two non-negotiables in my life for quite a few years. Being fit both spiritually and physically has helped transform my life in so many ways. On Aaron’s website,, you can receive a FREE 40 day challenge to get physically and spiritually fit!Let me know what you love about this episode and tell me who I should interview next. Email!

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