BE a High-Achiever

My last interview on the BE Series Podcast Episode #85 with Christine Zilinski talks about why you need to BE a high-achiever.

It all starts with how you start your day!

Do you feel like you pour out from an empty cup? 

You probably feel empty if you don't pour into yourself first. Do you take time to pour into yourself so you can pour out from an overflow instead?

Christine talks about “clothing yourself” on the inside and having power mornings. Here are the 3 "P's" of a power morning:
  • Prep yourself
  • Pour into yourself
  • Program your mind

These are the questions you need to answer today:
  1.  What’s the first thing you say to yourself in the morning? How will you empower yourself with what you tell yourself?  _________________________
  2. What are you reading? How will you reprogram your mind? _________________________
  3. Stop doing life alone. Who will you partner with?  _________________________
  4. Feed yourself power foods. I start my day with a protein shake and the Morning Master supplement. How are you fueling yourself?  _________________________

Answer these and make some changes this week!

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