BE a Hustler

My latest podcast episode on The BE Series Podcast was #80 BE a Hustler with Stephanie Kocielski, and it was so inspirational! After miraculously coming through brain surgery—not being able to see out of her right eye, comb her own hair, and look in the mirror to notice that her head was shaved with a big scar, all she could remember before being rushed to the hospital was just being on stage at a hair show event.

Stephanie said, "when you're looking to become more, it's time to inventory yourself." After her crisis she wrote down what she thought she was great at, and then she assembled her "dream team" of 5 people. She asked her "dream team" these questions:
1. Do you believe that I'm great at this and can you give me your opinion since you know me so well?
2. If there is something I haven't mentioned, can you let me know so I don't have to try to go back and fix what's not broken?

Pick your "dream team" and then listen, respect, and love... even though they may not say all positive things, be able to take it. They may say you aren't right, and you might need to slow down. After all, they probably know you better than you know yourself. 

While in this quarantine in 2020 I'm challenging you to TAKE INVENTORY OF YOURSELF:

1. Write down what you think you are great at.
2. Assemble a dream team of at least 5 people who know you well.
3. Ask them what they think you are great at!
4. Compare your notes with theirs.
5. Ask them if you missed anything.
6. Listen with respect and love.

I'd love to hear what you discover! Message me.

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