BE a Master

Be a Master

My latest podcast interview on The BE Series Podcast is with Carlton Mosely (Cool C) and it is EPIC.

In order to be successful you have to BE A MASTER at what you do!Cool C tells his story of how he became the master of his craft in the hair industry. He gives us seven steps in the interview, like how he changes his mindset when he’s frustrated or having a bad day.

He said you have to BRING IT, as energy is what it takes to run companies. One of the ways he “brings it” in  moments of negative thoughts is to turn on worship music. It made me think of the movie The War Room. Thats movie made me fall in love with Priscilla Shirer. She taught me how to “get the devil up out of you” as Cool C says. Sometimes you have to literally YELL out scripture into your home. There is power in praying scripture!

Recently I received some terrible news. My heart was racing, my mind was filled with worry, I hadn’t slept for four nights, I literally felt like I was going to throw up, and as I lied in bed I had to keep inspiring myself to pray. I found an app on my phone called Abide (it’s a Christian meditation app) and I kept it on while I closed my eyes for 30 minutes. The next morning I felt rejuvenated. It helped me alleviate anxiety and frustration. Your mental energy will lead you somewhere negative or somewhere positive. Your thoughts will lead you somewhere, and you get to choose where.

How about you? Are you struggling with worry? Frustration? GOOD! That just means you’re living beyond your own means, and only God can take you to this next level in your life! Allow Him. Rest in Him. Download one of the Christian meditation apps, like Abide. Turn on worship music. Channel your energy in the right direction this week and let me know what happens!

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