BE a Missionary

Check out episode #98 on the BE Series Podcast as I interview Libby Gonzales! Libby has been a part of building human-trafficking rescue homes in Nepal and has beautiful insight to understand healing. Our business partnered with her team when we helped supply Paul Mitchell tools to train the young ladies in Nepal in the trade of cosmetology. My daughter, Brianna, and I continue to be able to teach leadership principles to the girls via Zoom each month!  We train using an amazing new John Maxwell Team program, and we are available to train your organization with these same leadership principles! Message me!

One of my favorite parts of Libby’s story is how God healed her of rheumatoid arthritis. God also healed her 7-year-old son of many health challenges. This story is so exciting to share on my podcast because I believe many of us have ran straight to medical procedures and even allowed labels to be put on us — without utilizing God’s miracle power through proper nutrition and prayer. God wants you well. God is our healer!  

Libby shares about her family taking daily communion together during the 2020 quarantine and how they spoke directly while taking communion about what they wanted to be healed from. This encouraged me so much that I decided to take communion everyday until the end of the year! I downloaded a video by Joyce Meyer that I’ve been watching each day, and I even posted on my private Facebook group page to challenge our group to do the same. You can join that group here!

Listen to the BE Series Podcast here!

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