BE a Networker

Check out our next BE Series Podcast interview with Tracy Willard, the founder of Hunter Hospitality House. Hear her story of the loss of her son that inspired her and her husband to start this incredible ministry to help families of hospitalized loved ones!

I asked Tracy how she was able to start this non-profit and she described how she needed to become a networker.

Whether you you want to start a business (a for-profit) or a non-profit, you have to BE a networker!

So how do you network?

Here are some ways:

1. Attend business meetings and masterminds.
2. Seek out networking meeting like your Chamber of Commerce events, etc.
3. Find mentors you can serve.

4. Find other non-profits you can serve.
5. Attend a volunteer fair (if your community has one) so that you c
an find out about various non-profits you can volunteer for!
6. Serve on boards for non-profits or local networking companies
7. Virtual events (increasing since COVID-19)
8. Serve at church events
9. Serve in community events
10. Find Facebook community groups!

Hear the ideas that Tracy gives in this episode.

The tools she talks about currently sustain her non-profit, and you can use them to start or maintain any business!

Listen to BE Series Podcast here.

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