BE a Visionary

Be a Visionary

Episode 55 from the BE Series Podcast is with Nate Meador all about how to BE a visionary. 

One of the things he talks about is how to become balanced. I loved the twist he takes in the conversation when he explains it’s not about being balanced, but it’s about being healthy in all areas of your life: professionally, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. You truly have to make up your mind to be healthy in all of these areas!

I know if my physical health or spiritual health is off on any given day, it affects me both emotionally and intellectually! I make irrational decisions and exhibit irrational behavior.  I impact my team, my family, and especially myself. It’s self-destruction!

Below is one of my balance wheels I use in my online Masterminds or when I’m coaching team members. Why not take a few minutes to fill it out? Because of this podcast episode with Nate I’m going to rename it the ‘healthy wheel’. Where do you need to get healthier? What area are you neglecting? 

Stop right now, fill it out, and write down a shift you can make this week in one of the areas. 

And remember, if you’re serious about developing health and balance I can help you in our next Mastermind. Email me for information!

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