BE Aligned

Check out this week's episode on the BE Series Podcast #94 with Kate Onakomaiya! Once you know who you are and who you are called to serve, you will BE aligned.

I asked Kate what the first step toward alignment is. She said it is gaining clarity.

Kate and I both believe the first step to alignment is self-awareness. When I’m speaking at conferences, I always ask people what they think the highest form of leadership is.  Most people think it's being an owner, being a CEO, or holding a high position in an organization. But in actuality the highest form of leadership is leading ourselves. And to top it off, the hardest person to lead is ourself. I catch myself often blaming others for my failures, when I really need to be looking in the mirror. 

2020 has proved to me that self-awareness is critical. How about you?

How do you gain self-awareness? One of the first and most magnificent ways is through taking assessments and hiring a coach to bring you through them. You will need help piecing together the application of what the assessments say! 

My business partner (Shaun Chiodo) and I are DISC personality trainer and consultants, and our favorite people to train are salon owners. Click here to sign up for an assessment and a one-hour coaching session! You can also sign up your whole team and we will do an online workshop with you and your team.  Check it out on our NEW website!

Have you gained clarity for where you are headed and who you want to be? I’d love to hear more about what you have found out! 

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