BE All In

My latest podcast episode on the BE Series Podcast  is #95 with Megan Herrera-Schaff is called BE All In!️

Once you figure out the direction you want your life to go, you have to BE all in. You have to ‘burn the boat’ as if there's no turning back. Whatever Megan does, whether a competition or building a legacy after being diagnosed with stage-4 colon cancer, she is ALL in. She stays positive and optimistic, despite the circumstances.

She works hard and enjoys the journey while she's at it, and in this episode she talks about how you can do the same. No matter what, gratitude is key. Have gratitude for the highest highs and have gratitude for the lowest lows

Megan knew at a young age that her future would be in California and she had to ‘bet on herself.' She talks about her journey of doing everything in her power to stay there and to make it work. She spent 15 years in California, married, with 2 children and living the life of her dreams as a celebrity hairdresser. 

She knew right at the beginning of her journey that she needed to focus on her character development in order to be chosen for the opportunities she’s had over the years. She knew she needed to believe in herself in order to take the big leaps she has taken over the years.  When she took leaps, she grew the “backbone” which she needed in order to climb the ladder in her career. 

She talks about the reality of being a celebrity hairdresser. Because she loves what she does; she is able to endure the stresses. We talk about the law of sacrifice

Many people have the love language of being affirmed and receiving accolades. But I believe that this can hinder your growth. Instead of being angry for not being affirmed, think about how you can improve instead. We can’t demand attention or accolades... we have to earn it.  This reminds me of the Bible verse:

“And don’t allow yourselves to be weary or disheartened in planting good seeds, for the season of reaping the wonderful harvest you’ve planted is coming!” -Galatians‬ ‭6:9‬ ‭TPT‬‬

How about you? Are you frustrated right now with your boss? Your organization? Are you frustrated that you’re not where you want to be? Personally, professionally, emotionally, spiritually? I want to challenge you right now (like Megan) to just BE all in, and see what happens.

Follow Megan’s 5 steps to taking your next big leap:

1. Stop. Ask the question: what was I born for?
2 .Receive 
3. Write it down 
4. Stay focused
5. Move forward 

Be sure to check out Megan’s new business she started since being diagnosed with cancer! If you or someone you know is currently going through Chemotherapy or other Traditional Therapies, click here!

And remember, "love beats all, even if it’s just for another day." ~ Megan Herrera Schaff

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