BE Challenged

Be Challenged

My latest podcast interview on The BE Series Podcast is with the owner of Optimized Success, Cyndi Garza!

To be a great leader you need to BE challenged.

A great way to do this is to focus on your “rule of 5.”  Cyndi keeps it easy and follows a “rule of 3” daily instead. As you look at one of your big goals for 2020, write down 3-5 things you need to do every single day to get closer to that goal.

For example, one of my goals this year is to add more value to people on my teams and in my community. Each week I decided I need to…

1. Schedule one-on-one meetings and coffee dates
2. Post daily on my new BE AMAZING Facebook page (you can still join here!)
3. Complete the DISC assessments with all of our team members
4. Schedule podcast interviews with AMAZING people
5. Find local non-profits I can either serve or donate to

How about you? Write down your goals for this year then list out the 3-5 things you need to do daily/weekly to get closer to each goal.

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