BE Diversified

My last two podcasts the BE Series and Next Level Salon Leadership podcast were with the amazing Jared Jackson Dean!
I have known Jared for quite some time, as he has been a guest speaker on our salon leader webinars many times. I have also spoken on his podcast called LET'S GROW PODCAST - you can access here.
In the BE Series Podcast we talk with Jared about why you need to BE diversified in any endeavor.  Shaun and I have a 6 month course where we train salon leaders once a year. We talk about ways to diversify your income and to diversify your team with a great hiring plan.  Jared talks about why you need to strengthen your foundation and strengthen your leadership. It's up to the leader to set their team members up for success in the first 90 days! If it didn't work, start over. Check out the interview here!

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