BE Educated

Be sure to listen to my latest interview on BE Series Podcast with Teena called BE Educated. Teena Ogbugoh is on fire!  We talk about the crab mentality and mindset.

Education unlocks transformation.  The first thing you must do is own your truth. Teena states: “Accept yourself for who you are. We all have good aspects, bad aspects, and the ugly side of us. So you can only truly transform yourself when you accept yourself for who you are.”
“When those negative thoughts come, you have to replace them with positive thoughts. Once you align your thoughts with what you want, the universe has a way of bringing everything you need for transformation!” 

 Studies have shown that most kids don’t surpass their parents professionally or personally. Parents tend to be the lid on their children’s capacity.  We talk in this episode why you need to break that cycle for your family.  Make surpassing your parents part of your family's culture.  Make it part of your business culture! We should be building up our familiar and teams so much that we want them to surpass us.
That’s my challenge for you this week: set up a culture of growth in your companies. In our companies we train our leaders in a six-month leadership course. I continually strive to up-level these programs every year.

 How about you, what are you doing to build your families and your teams? To foster a culture of growth?
Listen to the BE Series Podcast here!

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