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Did you listen to my last interview on the BE Series Podcast? I had the honor of interviewing one of my favorite people in this whole world, Donna Waite! 

I had a big realization during the COVID19 crisis when all “nonessential" businesses had to close. We had to decide whether or not we believed the narrative! Unfortunately, I saw hairdressers and salon owners around the world begin believing they are "not essential."

I heard an incredible story recently from a salon owner. He said that one of his elderly clients came into the salon for the first time since the shutdown, and when he put his hands on her shoulder she broke down crying saying she hadn’t been touched in over two months. 

If you were deemed "nonessential," I want to tell you something right now. If you are in your business to change peoples lives, you are essential.  Do not believe the narrative around you!

I love one of the stories that Donna in this episode. As a young girl she was invited to a party at a friends home. When she rung the doorbell, no one answered but she could hear whispering behind the door. Her friends were hiding from her. She shrugged her shoulders and thought “too bad for them because they really missed out!”

That has happened so many times to me as a young girl, but also later as a business owner. I've been ganged up on by others, rejected, and experienced salon walkouts. Moments of rejection require the new narrative: I am essential. If someone else doesn’t believe it, it’s ok... because I know I am.

I loved another tip Donna gave us. She said to replace the word “compete” with “learn from."

This reminds me of the story that Simon Sinek told when he spoke on stage with his “competition."  He realized after they became fast friends that he was not in competition with anyone, but rather he took on the posture of "I can learn from them!" As I gain experience and gain confidence, I too have embraced this attitude! 

So, how about you? Here are two questions for you:

1. Do you realize how essential you truly are? If not, you need to do the work to know this truth! 

2. Who is your "competition?" Take some time this week to replace that narrative and instead, say "who can I learn from? What can I learn from them?"

Let me know how this changes your thinking!

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