BE Kind

My latest podcast episode on The BE Series Podcast with Caidy Brasure was released in perfect timing for what our world is struggling with right now! With so much anxiety and apprehension going around, let's all be sure to BE KIND

She talks about the difference between being a boss and being a leader. She has an incredible culture in her business that focuses on being kind... because kindness always wins. I love how Caidy always puts her people first!

Right now we're struggling with businesses shutting down all around the country. A salon business like ours, when you shut down there is NO money walking in the door because your team generates the money. I believe this crisis will separate the players from the pretenders in our industry.

We have a choice right now as business owners and as employees to rise to this occasion. I believe with crisis comes opportunity. I believe REAL leaders will SHOW UP! They absolutely have showed up in my companies. Even people that I didn't think were leaders showed up. I think some people didn't even realize they had it in them to be leaders! This is the time people's true colors are showing and they're having to sacrifice to lead.

But the pretenders are sitting back waiting for things to happen. While they're waiting for the government to step in and save them, the players are making moves. They're making things happen.

NOW is the time to rise up and LEAD!  What can you do differently that you've never done before? REAL leaders don't consider themselves bosses... they're value-adders, they're solution-oriented, and they're creative thinkers. Proof? Here are the start-ups founded during the last recession in 2008-2010: Uber, AirBnb, Slack, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Square, and Venmo.

This week, pull your team together and ask yourselves, "how can we reinvent our business?" If you work for a company, this is your chance to shine! Offer ideas, use your creative mind, and LEAD! 

And above all else, BE KIND!

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