BE Magical

Last week’s conversation on the BE Series Podcast with J.P.M.S. National Educator, Sarah Kobeski, was entitled BE Magical.

Just how can you be magical and what exactly does that mean? When you enter a room do you always leave it better than you found it? I know Sarah leads this by example every single day. 

We talked about how a big part of being magical is building appropriate, solid relationships with team members. This is essential to being an incredible leader. Don’t miss the questions you can ask yourself to be sure you’re on track and take a relationship inventory from John C. Maxwell’s course: How to Be a REAL Success

Have you ever lost a parent or a loved one? Sarah also spoke about the grief process that occurs when you lose a loved one and explained it’s the most traumatic event our brain can experience. She gives great advice on how to cope with losing parents. Sarah’s story is in my book BE Amazing. 

It’s ok to not be ok. Let the tears flow. Allow yourself to grieve. Allow yourself to take time-outs whenever you need them. 

The best advice Sarah gave? Love people until you like them. Will it take energy? You betcha. Will it be worth it?  Absolutely and beyond measure. 

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