BE Proactive

My latest BE Series Podcast Episode #84 was a conversation with Lisa Carr, a salon owner and business coach.

We talked about the reason why you need to BE proactive. I had an epiphany during our conversation. As a business owner you need to not just understand business strategy, but you also have to be a life coach.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. You can have the most incredible business knowledge and strategies, but meanwhile your team will walk out the back door.

Instead of investing in a Bachelors degree in business, invest in yourself for leadership and coaching strategies.

I lead many online business and leadership masterminds. Since this Coronavirus crisis, more and more business owners and leaders have FINALLY realized that they need to invest in themselves. We now have waiting lists!

Here are three ways you can go to the next level this week:

1. Message me to join one of my future masterminds
2. Book a one-hour DISC personality assessment coaching session
3. Purchase one of my books (BE AMAZING or BE A LEADER) for each of your team members, and get a free one-hour coaching session from me for your team

Send me a message! I’d love to connect.

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