BE Reenergized

Check out Episode #91 on the BE Series Podcast with Elaine Travis: BE Reenergized!

I talked a lot in this week's episode about a mastermind I did with my business partner, Amy Vanslambrook, utilizing the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. This mastermind pushed me and everyone involved to another level.

I see business owners and entrepreneurs struggling right now with the message from the book, the mastermind, and this week's podcast episode...

“Every time you take a leap with no net, you realize how much better it is on the other side.” - Elaine Travis.

When you make a decision to go for something, you’ve GOT to be ALL IN.

Trust me... You’ll be better for taking the risk!

Trust the process. Trust YOUR process.

Value yourself, your decisions, and your gut feelings.

What are you struggling to decide right now? Take that leap... that BIG leap!

I’d love to hear what it is. 

Join one of our online masterminds!  We have a mastermind happening at all times. Message me and we will connect about which one is right for you. Email:

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