BE Resilient

Episode #76 on The BE Series Podcast with Ryann Halo is exactly what you need this week. 

Ryann’s “untold leadership transformation” began when her dad committed suicide and murdered her 6-year old brother. This episode on how to BE resilient touches on the dangers of codependency, belief in yourself, and how to create a culture of healthy communication. 

With the health crisis in our country of COVID-19, this message couldn’t be more timely! 

As a business owner, having to make the decision to close our businesses down and lay off team members has been heart-wrenching. 

I’ve had to make the conscious decision to BE resilient. I know my team is relying on me. 

One of the ways to be resilient is through healthy communication, as Ryan says. She emphasizes how to build a healthy culture of communication. From building a “no-gossip” rule to radical candor – this is such a powerful episode that will leave you on the edge of your seat wanting more. 

As soon as the news started to reach me that cosmetology establishments were beginning to close, I knew I immediately needed to meet with key players on our teams to discuss the pros and cons of such a big decision. I knew in order to close I would need full buy-in from our leaders because of the trickle effect it would cause. There was no easy answer… except I knew we had to put our people first. Safety was a priority. Our amazing and brilliant team leaders have been working around the clock and building systems to sustain our companies. 

We’re adapting and remaining flexible. How about you? Since the inception of this recent pandemic, how has your communication been with your family? Your teams? Your business? Could it improve? Whether you’re the leader or not you can help set the bar for proper communication.

I’d love to hear the creative ways you’ve been communicating.

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