BE Supportive

Check out my 54th podcast episode with Lance Courtney on the BE Series Podcast! Learn why you need to BE supportive and how this character trait will propel you forward quickly.

There is a dangerous “drama triangle” we all become victims of, and Lance talks about why you need to build your emotional intelligence in order to grow. Our minds make up stories in our heads about situations; and instead of confronting the situation we often go to someone else to describe the situation. We then recruit that person to be on our side of the story. 

Do you have a habit of ‘making things mean’? Learn how to take ownership over your perception of the situation and say, “I made it mean when you  ______. Am I misinterpreting?” 

This will help you resolve tension, attitude issues, and especially that story you made up in your brain. Choose to press pause, get clarity, and investigate before coming to your own conclusions. Your quality of relationships will skyrocket! 

What drama triangle are you involved with right now? Why not try out this tool this week? See what happens with the conversation.

“I set clear boundaries with others. I lean into difficult conversations, meetings, and decisions. I talk to people, not about them.”
— Dare to Lead by Brené Brown


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