BE Wise

During week's episode on the BE Series Podcast with Todd and Audra Wise we talk about how to BE wise. We mainly talk to those who want to be entrepreneurs.  First and foremost, you need to learn that leadership starts at home! And if you work with your spouse, the lines can get blurry. Todd and Audra give tips on how to successfully communicate to your spouse. 

Second, whatever you do... always leave a place better than you found it.

One of the biggest reasons I believe that this couple was so successful out of the gate is because everywhere they worked (prior to owning their own business) they constantly served their leaders and their community. When it's time to leave, always leave with dignity.

We just started leadership teams in our Paul Mitchell Schools because we believe you can always lead well right where you’re at, no matter your position. I have so many regrets as a leader... and I want to not only grow myself, but bring others along so they don’t make the same mistakes!

How about you? Where are you at now? How can you step up to the plate at work or in your home or community to be more of a contributor?

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