Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation

Since the first Paul Mitchell School opened its doors, our Future Professionals and staff members have passionately donated their time and energy to raise money and awareness for a variety of causes, including cancer, AIDS, child abuse and other children’s causes, the 9/11 tragedy, leukemia, battered women, homelessness, animal health and welfare, veterans organizations, and many more. Now it’s our turn to give back to our students and our fellow beauty industry professionals.

The Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation was designed to provide advanced education opportunities to cosmetology students and graduates — opportunities they probably would not otherwise have for many years to come. It could be transportation and tuition for a 3-day haircutting class on the other side of the country, or a chance to assist backstage at a major New York fashion show, or a weekend education retreat. No fanfare. No fuss. Just a plane ticket, a hotel room, money for expenses, and advanced education dollars so these passionate individuals can be welcomed early into the industry that has the biggest heart, and the widest open arms, of any profession we know.

The Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation also partners on an annual basis with charities that impact cosmetologists and their families, to jointly raise funds, with the lion’s share of the proceeds going to the Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation and a portion going to each charity. For example, partnership funds have been used to help hairdressers who were affected by Hurricane Katrina, the Alabama hurricanes, and the fires in Colorado Springs; to provide cosmetology services to the homeless through Sister Bonnie’s Franciscan Haircuts from the Heart; and to support breast cancer causes after one of our colleagues was diagnosed with the disease.

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